Pediatric Services

Physical Therapy

Express Yourself Therapy offers physical therapy sessions, designed to incorporate parents and caregivers into the activities. Each session runs 50 or 80 minutes, depending on what is best for the child. Our therapists use a variety of techniques, including play and games, to create opportunities for the child to work on their individual goals. We love to involve parents and caregivers in our sessions, as it benefits everyone!

*Palatine Location Only*

Speech-Language Therapy

Our individualized speech and language therapy sessions are 50 minutes long. During this time, your child’s therapist will use personalized interventions to give your child time to practice and grow in their goals and skills. As with all Express Yourself Therapy sessions, we love to invite parents and caregivers to be involved during therapy time. This way, the child feels even more comfortable and parents have the chance to see progress (and learn interventions to try at home).

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy at Express Yourself Therapy happens in 50-minute sessions, held Mondays through Saturdays. During their time with their Occupational Therapist, your child has the chance to participate in games and play that has been designed with your child’s preferences and goals in mind. Parents and caregivers are invited to attend sessions with your child – not only is it positive intentional time together, but caregivers can also watch progress happen in real-time while learning effective interventions to try at home.


Social Groups

Let’s have fun together while working on our social and language goals! Our social groups are matched for participants’ age, goals, and interests. Not every Express Yourself Therapy social group looks the same – we customize our groups based on the individuals involved. Groups vary in size, from 2-5 participants, and our facilitated play sessions are great for siblings, school peers, or other friends as well – anyone who your child wants to play with can be invited!

Pre-K/ Kindergarten Readiness Group

This program will be targeted for children who are preparing to enter preschool or kindergarten and who may benefit from a smoother transition into these settings, or for children who are already in pre-k/kindergarten and could benefit from additional, more individualized enrichment. This group targets skills worked on in preschool and kindergarten in a fun and interactive way. With letters and shapes of the day along with circle/story time, snack time, and a craft your child will keep up with the skills they need for the upcoming school year. Children will work on turn taking, sharing, and interacting with peers in an appropriate way. Independence will also be fostered. Ages: 3-6 years

Tot Group​

Do you want to increase your child’s gross, fine motor skills and coordination with creative play? This class is carefully crafted to introduce children to whole body movement while working on strength, balance, sensory integration, socialization, and increasing self-confidence. The class will be tailored to helping your child reach age appropriate milestones. Children will be able to explore the gym, swing, sing, and play musical instruments. Each class includes activities involving music, water play, and lots of fun! Ages: 12-36 months

Strength Group

This group works on balance, strength, and endurance through various exercises, obstacle courses, and teamwork activities. Children will strength train in a play environment instead of a structured exercise class. Research shows a strong correlation between strength and improved focus and attention in school. This group is open to all ages with modifications available for each skill level. Ages: All – Children will be placed in small groups based on age.

Handwriting/ Drawing Group

Are your child’s letters hard to read? Does your child avoid writing, drawing, or coloring? Would you like to improve your child’s pencil grasp, or help increase their writing endurance? Our summer handwriting group helps give children a jump-start on handwriting skills for the upcoming school year, and also helps bridge, maintain, and strengthen the skills they have already learned to ensure no regression over the summer. Ages: 5+ years old

Little Pedalers Bike Camp

Little Pedalers is a learn-to-ride bike camp where riders will develop their cycling skills in a fun, supportive environment. This camp will help build your child’s confidence while increasing their strength, bilateral coordination, and balance.

Call our Express Yourself Therapy offices, or use our online registration form, to schedule your next session!

Executive Functioning Group

This group, designed for challenges associated with ADHD, allows children to work on skills through interactive science experiments, gross motor play, projects and games. Children will gain practice in planning, organizing, and coordinating activities with peers. Motor coordination, handwriting skills, and peer interaction will be targeted each session. Ages: Boys, 9+ years old

Food Explorers

Cooking is a fun and interactive way to promote sensory development, improve fine motor and visual motor skills, and build social skills. In this group, your child will work together with peers to prepare new and exciting recipes each week. We will focus on teamwork and following directions, fine motor control and utensil grasp, encouragement of tasting novel foods, and enhancement of sensory experiences through a variety of smells, textures and tastes. All materials are included, and all dietary allergies/sensitivities/preferences will be honored

Princess Group

This girly, fun, interactive group allows kids to feel like real princesses!  

*Palatine Only*

Articulation Group

This group strives to make working on articulation sounds a positive experience. This group is a rewarding group that focuses on the fundamentals of articulation sounds while incorporating social skills and peer models. This group makes learning speech sounds fun while mimicking real-world social situations. 



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