pediatric services

physical therapy

Express Yourself Therapy offers physical therapy sessions, designed to incorporate parents and caregivers into the activities. Each session runs 50 or 80 minutes, depending on what is best for the child. Our therapists use a variety of techniques, including play and games, to create opportunities for the child to work on their individual goals. We love to involve parents and caregivers in our sessions, as it benefits everyone!

speech-language therapy

Our individualized speech and language therapy sessions are 50 minutes long. During this time, your child’s therapist will use personalized interventions to give your child time to practice and grow in their goals and skills. As with all Express Yourself Therapy sessions, we love to invite parents and caregivers to be involved during therapy time. This way, the child feels even more comfortable and parents have the chance to see progress (and learn interventions to try at home).

occupational therapy

Occupational therapy at Express Yourself Therapy happens in 50-minute sessions, held Mondays through Saturdays. During their time with their Occupational Therapist, your child has the chance to participate in games and play that has been designed with your child’s preferences and goals in mind. Parents and caregivers are invited to attend sessions with your child – not only is it positive intentional time together, but caregivers can also watch progress happen in real-time while learning effective interventions to try at home.

Monday-Saturday Sessions Available

social groups

Let’s have fun together while working on our social and language goals! Our social groups are matched for participants’ age, goals, and interests. Not every Express Yourself Therapy social group looks the same – we customize our groups based on the individuals involved. Groups vary in size, from 2-5 participants, and our facilitated play sessions are great for siblings, school peers, or other friends as well – anyone who your child wants to play with can be invited!

extreme trampoline social group

Our weekly social group, held at Xtreme Trampoline, is the perfect way to get energy out while working on social and friendship skills. A favorite among our clients, your child can enjoy having fun with new friends and incorporating healthy movement into their weekly schedule. Family members are invited as well so that you can create memories together.


In this popular social group, kids explore food themes and try new things together. This stress-free way for kids to learn to enjoy trying new foods is especially helpful for children who are reluctant to expand their “usual favorite” food choices.

early childhood programs

This 8-week parent-tot group is fun for everyone! Toddlers and preschoolers work on all domains of development through fun and stimulating play activities. We use music, swinging, toy exploration, and opportunities to get messy to support communication and caregiver-infant interactions. Parents and caregivers, you can enjoy time with your child as well as find friendship with other parents in the group. Parent education and discussion are incorporated into each group – everyone leaves feeling encouraged.


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