Our Philosophy

Pediatric Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy
in Palatine and Chicago, IL and Kensington, MD

Express Yourself Therapy is built on a foundation of strong clinical practices, with a serious focus on play and fun. We choose to use individualized, neurodiversity-affirming approaches to meet the needs and goals of each of our clients, and we know that children enjoy spending time with their loved ones. In our office, everyone is invited to learn and grow through play and fun!
What does it mean to be a neurodiversity-affirming practice? 

As a neurodiversity-affirming practice, Express Yourself Therapy prioritizes inclusion, advocacy, and evidence-based therapy. Our strengths-led approach guides our support to optimize functioning in daily life, promote meaningful participation, and foster growth and development. We tailor our evaluations and interventions based on each family’s lived experience to provide client-centered, holistic therapy. By building strong, empowering relationships with our kiddos, we can support their journey to becoming the best version of themselves.
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Strong Clinical Foundation

At Express Yourself Therapy, we specialize in supporting children from the ages of 0-21. Our clients are each unique, coming to us with a variety of speech/language, sensory/motor, and developmental disorders. We serve children and teens with Autism, PDD, and Sensory Integration Disorder, to name just a few.

Our therapists and team members are experts in their respective fields, and our therapy techniques are based on the most current developmental and neurodevelopmental research, such as the Infant Mental Health model and theDIR/floortime model. Together, our therapists have advanced knowledge of the interventions and techniques that suit each of our clients.
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Individualized Approach

Each child we work with is unique and different, and our therapists celebrate the preferences and goals of every client. We are proud to support “the whole child”, which means our therapists get to know more than the therapy goals of our clients. We want to know if your child loves Marvel or if your child is struggling to start up conversations with friends in a classroom setting. We use these tidbits to create a therapy plan that will guide your child in meeting their goals while enjoying their time with us.
playful kids

Everyone’s Invited!

It takes a village to raise a child and our therapists love to provide opportunities to get the entire village involved. Parents and caregivers are invited and encouraged to get involved in therapy sessions with their child. This way, caregivers can see progress in action while learning effective interventions to try at home. Siblings and friends from school are invited to attend as well, and our therapists are more than happy to collaborate with your child’s school support staff via email, phone calls, and team meetings.

Our therapists have the experience to develop a therapy plan that is effective, collaborative, and downright enjoyable. We would love to become a member of your extended family; call our offices today to schedule your first appointment.