Speech and Language:

Receptive Language

  • Understands simple who, what, where questions
  • Identifies colors and categories (e.g., food and clothing)
  • Can follow simple directions, even if stimulus objects are not in sight

Expressive Language:

  • Talks about events that have happened in the past
  • Expresses ideas and feelings
  • Uses sentences with 4 or more words


  • Beginning to correctly produce k, g, d, t, and ing
  • May distort difficult sounds such as l, r, s, sh, ch, y, v, z, and th
  • Strangers usually understand child’s speech

Play/ Social Development

  • Being turn taking
  • Enjoy brief group activities
  • Children can discuss an activity, assign roles, or take turns (cooperative play)
  • Likes to “help” in small ways
  • Highly imaginative (make believe)


Occupational Therapy:

Fine/Visual Motor Skills:

  • Uses tripod or quadruped grasp
  • Colors within the lines
  • Copies shapes (circle, square, triangle, and X)
  • Beginning to copy upper case letters
  • Cuts along a line
  • Imitate 3-dimensional block designs

Gross Motor Skills:

  • Jumps forward 26 inches
  • Can stand on one leg for 4-6 seconds
  • Beginning to skip and hop
  • Walks up and down stairs independently (alternating feet)

Self-help Skills

  • Feeds using fork and spoon
  • Unbuttons buttons
  • Attempts to brush teeth
  • Toileting independently
  • Dresses self independently (help with fasteners)
  • Able to bathe self except hair


  • Uses imaginary objects in play
  • Categorizes and sorts objects
  • Understands common dangers