Speech and Language:

Receptive Language (what you understand):

  • Understands words through function (e.g., what you cut with)
  • Can carry out 2-3 step directions
  • Understands why questions
  • Understands pronouns such as I, you, and he
  • Attends to a book or toy for 2-3 minutes


Expressive Language (what you say):

  • Beginning to use plurals and past tense verbs (e.g., babies, played)
  • Uses preposition under
  • Begins to request clarification when needed
  • Tells “stories” with a common theme but no clear plot

Play/Social Development:

  • Use of language in play increases
  • Plays well with 2-3 children in a group
  • Associative play predominates
  • Recognizes self in photographs
  • Recognizes the needs of others

Articulation (production of sounds):

  • Correct production of sounds listed above plus s and w at the beginning of words
  • Correct production of t, r, b, l, and g at the end of words
  • Speech is about 75% intelligible by 36 months

Occupational Therapy:

Fine/Visual Motor:

  • Draws a circle
  • Cuts across a piece of paper
  • Begins to lace through holes
  • Begins to start copying a cross


Gross Motor:

  • Rides tricycle
  • Stands on one foot for 3 seconds
  • Catches a ball
  • Can walk on tip toes
  • Jumps over small objects


Self-Help skills:

  • Washes hand independently
  • Indicates need to go to bathroom
  • Can wipe after urinating
  • Helps put on clothes
  • Unbuttons large buttons



  • Understands same and different