Speech Language Pathologists can work on Oral Motor Skills, but many do not understand the importance of these specific skills. Oral motor strength and stability play into a child’s overall speech intelligibility as well as swallowing skills.

When assessing oral motor skills, it is important to decide where the breakdown is. It could be with stability of the jaw, coordination/control of the jaw, tongue, lips, or overall strength.

The Straw Program by TalkTools is a pillar of Oral Placement Therapy that promotes jaw-lip-tongue dissociation through twelve stages.

  • It is ideal for kids with weak muscles and mobility in speech production.
  • Can be used to teach tongue retraction, grading, controlled movements, lip rounding.
  • Mostly used to teach different tongue positions.
  • Each straw addresses the new location as well as previous locations.
  • This is a program that should be introduced by speech-language pathologists, but carried over to the home to be used daily.

Click on the link below to learn more: https://youtu.be/XcMChoBq3Kk?list=PLanCjG3GyAETWAbpqRTPw9X8LDtOp9x2e