All of the information on the internet can become overwhelming. Here are some tips to decide if your child would benefit from speech therapy!

Language based red flags:

Note the child who:
  • Does not appear to understand when others speak, even though hearing is normal
  • Is unable to follow 1 or 2 step directions
  • Communicates primarily by pointing or gesturing
  • Makes no attempt to communicate with words
  • Has a small vocabulary for age
  • Does echolalic-like speech (imitates what others say most of the time)
  • Has difficulty putting words together in a sentence
  • Uses words inaccurately (e.g., calls a “fire” a “burn”)

Articulation based red flags:

Note the child who:
  • Whose speech is difficult to understand when compared to peers
  • Who mispronounces sounds
  • Whose mouth seems challenged (e.g., messy eater, drooling)
  • Who has difficulty putting words and sounds in the proper sequence
  • Who has a history of ear infections or middle ear disorder

Social-Emotional based red flags:

Note the child who:
  • Does not refer to self as “I”
  • Has difficulty separating from parent or separates too easily
  • Seems preoccupied with own inner world; conversations do not make sense
  • Shows little or no impulse control: hits or bites as first response; cannot follow a classroom routine
  • Cannot focus on activities (short attention span, cannot complete anything)
  • Consistently withdraws from people or prefers to be alone