Speech and Language:

Receptive Language (what you understand):

  • Understands about 200 words at 18 months
  • Answers the question “what’s this?”
  • Listens to simple stories and likes to have them repeated

Expressive Language (what you say):

  • Speaks in short phrases
  • Produces 10-50 different words
  • Uses some verbs in addition to nouns
  • Refers to self with pronoun + name

Play/Social Development:

  • Demands close proximity with familiar adults
  • Laughs at playful mislabeling (e.g., calling a banana a pizza)
  • Early on spends most time observing other children when in groups – interactive sequences emerge

Occupational Therapy:

Fine/Visual Motor:

  • Uses two hands during play
  • Turns cardboard pages in book
  • Completes simple puzzles
  • Imitates horizontal and vertical lines
  • Stacks 4-5 blocks
  • Uses a digital pronated grasp
  • Strings large beads

Gross Motor:

  • Runs stiffly
  • Walks up and down stairs holding on
  • Kicks ball forward
  • Climbs up on furniture and playground
  • Throws a ball at target
  • Walks up and down stairs independently

Self-Help skills:

  • Uses spoon
  • Puts on socks
  • Pushes arms & legs through clothing

Sensory processing (regulation):

  • Enjoys rough play
  • Enjoys play-doh
  • Tolerates a range of textures


  • Can complete simple 2-step directions
  • Object permanence is developed