Bragging Rights

Take a peek at what we have been up to in therapy…    

How to Train Your Acrobat

 How to Train Your Acrobat how-to-train Sam wanted to train animals to become acrobats. He tested his skills out on Lucky the dog. We documented his experience using the Pictello app. Great job Sam! Lucky loved every minute he spent with his trainer.    View ►

Batman & Joker Fight of Their Life

Batman & Joker Fight of Their Life batman   Check out this FABULOUS, dramatic story created by Dominic. He organized all the scenes, wrote the text, and recorded his voice.     View ►

Naughty Cupcake Store

Naughty Cupcake Storecupcake Check out one child’s HILARIOUS idea to make an unconventional cupcake store. Our cupcakes have naughty messages. We dedicated a wall to the store and invited all children and parents to add to it. Welcome to the Naughty Cupcake Store!   View ►

Wario Smooth Moves Story

Wario Smooth Moves Storywario Daniel is the Wario MASTER. He is well on his way to becoming a famous author! Check out the first few chapters of his Wario book!   View ►

Sponge Bob

Sponge Bobspongebob Lucy LOVES watching Sponge Bob and playing Sponge Bob Memory. In this wonderfully written summary, Lucy explains the characters of Sponge Bob and gives some of her very own opinions. FANTASTIC work Lucy!!   View ►