About Us

6Express Yourself Therapy specializes in treating children 0-21 with a variety of speech/language, sensory/motor, and developmental disorders such as Autism, PDD, and Sensory Integration Disorder. Our therapy techniques are based on the most current developmental and neurodevelopmental research.

Express Yourself Therapy understands that development is an integrated process. Therefore our therapists have advanced knowledge in the areas of speech/language, sensory/motor, cognition, social/emotional, and visual-spatial development. In this way, programs are individualized by focusing on the foundational origins of speech and language constrictions in each child.

Express Yourself Therapy prides itself on supporting “the whole child.” Focus on the parent-child dyad during therapy sessions allows for the most meaningful and rapid progress possible. Additionally, we encourage ongoing multidisciplinary collaboration with your child’s school support staff and other team members via email, phone conferences, and team meetings.

Although deeply rooted in a Developmental, Individual Differences, Relationship-based model (DIR®/Floortime); Express Yourself therapists use a wide variety of therapy techniques and hold advanced certifications in an array of treatment approaches. We are confident that you and your child will feel safe, nurtured, and valued during the time you spend with us. We invite you to come and play!